Saturday, 27 February 2010

There's no way this is as good as I remember it

The Kentucky Fried Movie by John Landis, picked up for £3 in the Garden House Hospice shop, Letchworth Garden City.

First and last seen by me in 1977, this movie invokes memories of Catholic school girls in trouble, not letting the death of one of the parties interfere with a loving relationship, using greasy teenagers as an energy source and a spoof of Bruce Lee kung-fu classic 'Enter the Dragon', which I had not seen at the time.

I did not appreciate how good the spoof was until I saw Lee in action shortly afterwards. The movie was ruined for me because I was waiting, waiting, waiting for the little robot to appear from around the corner and shoot everybody AND IT NEVER HAPPENED!

How many of the memories above are true I will have to find out (c.f. wrong toffee in earlier post). Stay tuned!

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