Monday, 14 December 2009

Travel light

Mt Norquay (2300m, background),
Lone Pine run (left) and
Cascade lift (right)
I have been skiing for 20 years, I know how to pack light. No rucksack here, Sir, no Sir; my centre of balance is precarious enough without hauling unnecessary freight. Why only today I set out with just two pairs of gloves, a beanie, balaclaver, three packets of tissues, two trail maps, two velcro straps, ski goggles, locker key, sun glasses, suntan lotion, lipsil, phone, passport, bus timetable, dental floss, paracetemol, pound off coupon for the Sunday Observer, Boots Advantage card, travel insurance contact sheet, a slight sore throat, jet lag, chocolate and a sense of purpose.

I was going to take my iPod shuffle but I thought it might not work at -30'C so I saved myself 1/2 cubic cm right there. Ah yes, listen and learn, Son. The voice of experience is talking.

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